The Seedcret Instructions-To Better Health, Wealth, and Happiness

Below you will find just how the Seedcret works.  I have provided for you the supplies needed and directions to create your visual declaration and positive statements.  Keep in mind while you go through this process you follow the instructions to the letter to ensure the change you desire in your life.  You can ask for anything!  Do you want more money? Be financially free? Get married? Or perhaps you just want peace in your life.  Whatever your heart and mind desires use this technique to allow it to become rooted and manifested in your life.


Planters Pot (I use a small 2.5 X 3 in pot that you can have at your desk.)

Potters Soil

Seeds (These can be any type of seed you want.  I prefer grass seeds.)

Dissolving Paper (This is an option, but it is highly recommended for best results.)

Distilled Water (This is optional, but comes with better results when used.) 

Have an idea of your desires, if possible, focus on one


1.Take your planters pot and name it.  Name the pot with a pre-made label, engraving, or handwritten name and set it to the side.  For an example.  My first Seedcret pot was named Financial Freedom.

2. Add your soil to the pot about 3/4.  Speak over your soil either the name of the pot or the desire you have chosen.

3. If you have have dissolving paper cut to 2X2 square and write your declaration on it.  

4. Flip the paper on it and in the middle place the seeds of your choice, then wrap the seed(s) in the paper.

5. If you do not have dissolving paper you will simply speak over your seed(s).  You can keep everything consistent and speak the name of your pot over your seeds.

6. Take the remaining 1/4 of soil and cover the seed(s) or the dissolving paper with the seed(s).

7. Take your bottled water and speak your desires directly into the water or you can label the bottle and speak into the water the desires.

8. Pour water into soil and make your declarations.

9. Each day you speak to your seeds you declarations and water as needed and watch your plant grow and as it grows you will see those very desires become reality in your life.


Asking the universe for what you desire can be confusing for some as the question will come up; what is the right way to ask?  Keep in mind when you are making your declarative statements or asking the universe for what you want in your life to visualize it.  Feel how having this would make you feel.  See yourself there as you speak them and stay clear away from negative doubting words or phrases.  The more detailed your mental picture is and the stronger your connection is to the feeling of it the more powerful your attraction will become, thus making your reality of it more potent.

Thank you and God Bless!


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